foto' edu

Making sure the camera is clean,
Proper holding of camera,
Using monopods and tripods,
Shutter Speed,
Basic camera settings: Program (Combined), Shutter priority, Aperture priority, Manual Settings,
Rule of Thirds, etc…
Typical Focus choices,
Depth of Field
Filters:  Neutral density filters,

Things we may cover in our workshops.

Every workshop is somewhat different, the “focus” of the theme (perhaps flowers, or covered bridges, etc.) clearly influence the content.  If a workshop is “beginner” or “advanced” we will say so on the marketing materials.  If you don’t quite feel ready to use the “top” of your camera perhaps you would like to schedule a private tutoring session with one of the instructor prior to the group workshop.

Golden hour(s)
Shooting in the shade vs. sunshine,
Sunshine software for smart phones
Basic Photo Editing, (Photoshop)
Basic Photo Printing, (Lightroom)
Overview of pre-sets, and add on programs for editing,
HDR Basics,
Lighting choices, off camera strobe,
Fluorescent Lighting
Lens choices
Basic Printing
Simple photo matting

​...And More

To best utilize these workshops we feel that you should be familiar with the “top” of your camera.  In other words, you have a camera with manual capabilities, and you are familiar with the use of the controls.  We will review the basics of photography and camera settings in most workshops, but it’s the making of images that we most want to teach you.  Also, every camera is somewhat different, if we need to spend too much of our precious time together helping individuals get their camera working we all lose.