Lindsay loves using Lensbaby lenses;  They are available for some smartphones.    Lensbaby lens are a variation of a tilt-shift lens.  Check them out!

Our plan is to offer a 1/2  or full day workshop on the Smartphone in the spring or early summer.  If you're interest send us an email or get on our mailing list.  We'll make sure you know what it's happening.  Thanks,  Steve and Lindsay

Smartphones often lack the ability create depth of field (DOF).  Here is an orchid image using my computer screen as a background.  Looks like DOF

Some Applications allow for multiple shutter clicks saved into one image.  Here's one such image.

This one has been post-processed in Photoshop


Smartphone photography is becoming more mainstream every day.  We've just finished teaching a "Smartphone Photography" class at Keene State College.  We learned more than the students!  Here are a few images... (More to come...)

Lots of different applications for smartphones.  This house really doesn't look like this, but after some tweaking it looks all "Hobbitly.:  :-)

foto' edu